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About Graham Magnetics
Graham Magnetics, located in Graham, Texas, began its operations in 1966. Graham has enjoyed a long history in the manufacture of world class tape media storage products including such recognized brands as Graham, StorageMaster and Memorex . Most recently, Graham was the last manufacturer of open reel (9-track) tape in the media world.

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Graham Magnetics Today
Today, Graham Magnetics still manufactures tape media storage products, but we now recycle and Graham Certify tape media and cleaning cartridges. Graham is actively involved in helping our customers protect and conserve the environment. Graham Certified media is not only good for the environment and lower costing, but it is tested on OEM tape drives and test equipment using methods that were often employed in the 100% Graham Certification of newly manufactured tape. In addition, we provide tape media services including conversion, recovery, destruction, labeling and initialization.