Graham Certfified Data Media


  • 3480 and 3490E Cartridges
  • 3590 and 3590E Cartridges
  • 9840 & 9940 Cartridges
  • 3592 JA (300GB) and
  • 3592 JB (700GB) Cartridges
  • ¬†Oracle T10000 1(A + B) ; 2 (C+D)


– Lowest single-track error rates
– Exceed industry standards for quality
– Guaranteed for 10 years
– Green quality you can depend on




Graham Certified

Graham Magnetics calls our process “Graham Certified,” not reworked, not re-manufactured, not reconditioned, or any other names you may hear.

As the only tape manufacturer that also offers a full line of Graham Certified media, we take the same great care and pride in our offerings of Graham Certified Media as we have historically been well known for in our new Graham Magnetics brand of products.

Quality Certified

We test every tape full length, on production drives with values equivalent to ANSI Standards for new media. We are so confident in our testing process that all of our Graham Certified media is marked with the Graham Quality trademark.

Graham Certified 25605


From an environmental standpoint, Graham Magnetics is proud to extend these product’s lives and save our landfills from mountains of discarded, but viable, media. Graham developed this Graham Certification program as a way to recycle media to comply with various Government Green Procurement Regulations for the use of post-consumer materials.